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Acouple of years ago, I was commissioned to come up with a simple video for the London hand-and-home-made chocolate brand Bo! Choco.

The funky, colourful chocolate bars were a delight to shoot with close-up lenses. The idea was to make those colours stand out, and the challenge was to shoot that handheld with little shaking, and have a footage that could be fairly stabilised in post.

Finest Belgian Chocolate. Handmade in London. High quality toppings. Beautiful hand created treats. Customise your own.Bo! Choco

The handmade process of the chocolate bars was shot entirely in close-up, to give some “mouth-watering” sensation from the melted chocolate, the nuts and dried fruit, all those textures together with vivid colours coming and going on screen.

To harmonise the video, it was necessary to have some live action, so the brand owner was shot at a Bo! Choco stall at the Spitalfields Market, serving chocolate bites and selling bars.

The lights on the shots were quite fair, so the grading process was easy enough. And the editing was quite a simple task. Surely it was a delicious experience. 🙂

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