2:58pm Lull Boost Campaign Animation

The Project

VCCP has created the 2:58pm Lull campaign Cadbury Boost chocolate bar, and got the challenge to make a flipboard clock work to support the actions that would take place across London stations and squares, in a series of animations.

The animations would play nearby where the action takes place. And it opens for a minute only, at 2:58pm for a couple of weeks, giving away free Boost and the new Boost+ Protein bars, to give people a "lift" during the work day.

The Approach

Giving the amount of work to supply, the tight deadline, and  the complexity of the variations requested, it was necessary to download a template that could be easily customisable, with the look and feel of the creative layouts that I was handed.

This alone saved time in one of the craziest deadline x humanly possible campaigns I have ever worked. :)

Osklen | App Design Concept

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