Son Of Dave Performs Tequila

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The definition of “one man show”. Benjamin Darvill (born January 4, 1967), known by his stage name Son of Dave, is a Canadian musician and singer–songwriter, based in the United Kingdom. He was a member of Grammy award-winning folk rock band Crash Test Dummies in which he played harmonica, mandolin, guitar and percussion before returning to his blues, Beat-Box and harmonica driven solo work in 2000.

I had the pleasure to be at one of his concerts in London. We were introduced, and during our conversation we came up with the idea to shoot a music video.

Tequila is a 1958 Latin-flavoured, rock and roll instrumental song recorded by the Champs.

The Space Eko Studio in east London was the location chosen for the shootings. I literally arrived by parachute, without knowing what I was going to find.

Alex McGowan, the studio head and cracking sound expert, helped us on producing the environment, arranging the improvised lights for the shooting, and of course, acted in the music video.

I was very happy with the result, despite the challenges, limited gear and lighting at our disposal. I was shooting purely improvisations from them.

The best part? We had some serious fun time together that day. 😀

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